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John M. Newhouse

   Turning a passion into a profession is a challenge. Ask any musician, dancer or artist, and they'll tell you how hard it can be. Doing something for fun But changing that into a business is...well...

you get the point.


   That was always the question I had towards my illustration. Sure, I have

a lot of years of drawing experience, my family has been in the art business for a 100 years, I studied fine art, and it's always been the center of my career. But did I want to make that into my real profession? Did I have the time? Better yet, was I comfortable enough to sell my work and have it be a gift?

   So as life would have it, the opportunity presented itself. Now

without the old "9-to-5" and without countless emails to check up on, time was suddenly my ally. I revisited my love of illustration, and with the support of my family and friends, decided to start my own illustration business.


   I called it Portraits in JMN Illustrations.


   Within weeks of starting my business I had drawn everything from golden retrievers to the golden years. The requests were fun and challenging, but also unexpectedly humbling. The reaction of you, the clients, whether it be tears, laughter or memories shared, was so unique and unexpected. It inspired me to continue this business, and it continues to inspire my desire for perfection.


   I am a husband, a father,  and an illustrator. I know how special the people and furry friends in your life are and I know how important it is to get the essence of them just right.


   That is why your reaction is my greatest reward.

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